* Continuously search for improvements in our customers operations using our own, or our principals’ state of the art and high value added products and systems. Provide excellent service and optimum quality to our customers in the manufacturing industry.


* Help increase productivity, profitability and marketability in our customers’ manufacturing environment by integrating mechatronics and lean manufacturing systems.
Support our customers with our resources and those of our principals and partners, to maintain the performance of our solution as dictated by initial specifications and agreed deliverables. Maintain a working environment internally, and in the relationship with our suppliers and customers, that is fair, safe, friendly, honest, responsible, and beneficial to all.


* AXIOMATEK is a company formed in 2003 by a group of professionals 100% oriented to competitiveness, productivity and efficiency.
* Our main objective is the automation of the manufacturing process using state of the art machinery, accessories and programming tools that allow our customers to be more competitive and efficient.

* The AXIOMATEK staff experience covers the plastic industry, electronics, electro- mechanics, design, manufacture processes and mechatronics.
* The companies we represent and distribute are leaders in their market segment.


Our work and conduct are based on the following principles:
1) Honesty
2) A fair value of the presented solution
3) Good will and a healthy relationship with our customers
4) Mutual benefit between our customers and ourselves

Quality Statement:

* Axiomatek is committed at all levels of the organization, in supplying solutions that meet or exceed Customers’ expectations in measurable terms.
* Axiomatek’s internal requirements will be more strict than Customers requirements at all times.